An accountant by academics, a writer by profession, and a businessman at heart. I entered the world of digital marketing late in life. But I immediately felt at home, learning and improving my skills consistently. Fast forward to today, I have mastered the craft of writing and marketing content. Now, I am invested in building an agency and bringing my vision of actually helping small businesses grow utilizing my prowess as a Content Marketing Strategist.

My biggest achievement?

I helped a client get from <50 direct website visitors to 2500+ organic traffic in just 3 months and land a multimillion-dollar contract in the very first year of the launch of their website. With my assistance, their website ranks for 1000+ keywords. 30+ of those keywords are ranking in the top 10 positions on Google SERPs in two separate countries the client wanted to target.

I can do the same for your business.

Help me help you grow your business!