Can’t Find Motivation— Use My Secret

Majid Saeed
3 min readDec 5, 2021
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Motivated people can make miracles happen.

It’s no secret.

There are countless self-help books available in the market on the subject. Unfortunately, most of them share the same advice, follow your passion and you will find motivation.

As much of a hook as that pitch makes, I, for one, disagree with it.

People have the potential to achieve great things, whether they fall under the umbrella of their passion or not.

No, I am not being cocky. Neither am I overly confident about my abilities and skillset. I do, however, hold great faith in human potential.

I believe anyone can achieve greatness if they set their mind to it. Passion is not required. Motivation is.

You can read all the self-help books on motivation that you want, but it’s my guarantee that all the information you’ll find in them is nothing more than poppycock.

Now, I apologize if any of the authors or publishers feel offended, but it is true.

How can I say that with certainty? Well, I earn my livelihood reading books and extracting their core message.

I’ve read quite a handful on the subject of motivation and I am yet to be impressed by the core message of any one of them.

So, you might now be wondering, if I haven’t found any worthwhile information in any of the books, why am I writing this post?

Frankly, I struggled to find the motivation to pursue my dreams just as much as the next guy.

At least, that was the case until recently when I finally came across the secret that makes it all happen.

The Secret to Finding Motivation

Yes, I finally stumbled across the secret that drives people toward success; motivation.

You see, there exists a long-prevailing misconception about motivation that, once you find it, you get an insatiable drive to achieve your goals.

If, that were indeed true, what are you supposed to do until then?

Seek motivation? Watch motivational videos? Listen to keynotes from TEDx or some other great storytellers?

I bet a lot of you’ve already done all that!

And how did that turn out for you?

It may have worked for a few of you, but the majority haven’t benefited from all that so-called motivational material.

That’s because everyone has understood motivation wrong.

People start their journey into whatever when they feel motivated. That’s where the problem lies.

The thing about motivation; it isn’t the starting point. It is, in fact, the second step of your journey.

How so? Well, if you sit around waiting to find motivation, you’ll probably be doing that for some time.

What you should be doing instead, is taking the initiative. The first step. That’s the big secret.

Try it. if you’ve been prolonging going to the gym, starting your own business, investing more time into your side hustle, or whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding or ignoring till you find motivation. Try initiating it.

Invest just two minutes of your time. You’ll realize once you take the first step, you become driven to follow the process. That drive to follow through is your motivation.

It’s the human psyche at work.

People often find themselves weighed down by laziness. If you keep binging shows on Netflix, laziness will keep consuming you.

Nonetheless, if you can overcome that laziness and bring yourself about to take that first step, you won’t have to look for motivation because it will find you.

All you gotta do is, Take that First Step.



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